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New Products
Flywheel Brands, Inc. is known for having innovative, interesting ideas and products that assist in the marketing of inventory at your Auto Auctions. Products such as the Auction Topper, Windsock, Auction Popper, Auction T, Auction Vision, and several other proprietary products are being used today to increase buyer awareness to current programs and promotions. This increased knowledge by the consumer helps increase revenue for both the seller and the auction. Check back from time to time for additional "New Products" and ideas exclusively from Flywheel Brands, Inc.
Auction T
Auction T solves your vehicle identification problems. Our design allows you to identify any vehicle from a distance. Simply apply Auction T between door glass and seal. Any message can be displayed to instruct your lot personnel.
Auction Vision
Auction Vision is a great way to use advertising space in your auction lane. Its eye-catching movement assures that everyone sees your message. It reduces clutter in the lanes by maximizing advertising space in one of the most viewed areas at your auction.

It can also generate revenue by allowing you to sell advertising space to local businesses, such as transport companies, restaurants, parts suppliers, repair shops, body shops, etc.
Auction Popper
Car Poppers are a unique new way to get your message across to your buyer.

Whether it is for brand awareness or to highlight the key points of your QC program, the popper gets the job done.

Key features:
  • Weather resistant
  • Highly visible
  • Easy to store
  • Reusable




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